Trip Tips, Kayak Fishing the Unknown

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As promised this week took me on another Kayak fishing adventure into some new waters off the central and southern coast of Java Indonesia. Three Giant Trevally where in my front hatch for the family, and after struggling to stay out of danger while battling these hook-ups for 20 minutes of hot action, I made a catch and release of a 20lb GT. The unpredictable and dangerous west wind direction wind put another 2 feet on the wind waves that made them start having consistent white-caps. The Beaufort wind scale calls this 5 out of 12. This meant I was being challenged with uncomfortable conditions! Read more…


The New Guy, 22km of Kayak Fishing Java

There is nothing like paddling out into waters that are new grounds. I got the chance to do just that last Saturday. The weather and waves along the south coast of Java, Indonesia have quieted down to nearly nothing allowing me the opportunity to jump on the Kayak put in a 22km day of Kayaking fishing and exploring new grounds. It was my chance to be the new guy!

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Active Fishing is Kayak Fishing

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I am always looking for new platforms to fish from.  During a guided land based trip to the remote corners of Java a guest and friend sparked my interest in Kayak Fishing.  With my new found desire to start I went out and bought my first fishing Kayak.  I was hooked immediately.  It was the perfect answer to what I wanted.  Noise-less access to the hottest most extreme near shore and just off shore locations possible.  Here are 2 short recollections, and some important lesson learned from my first experiences with Kayak fishing . Read more…