Spearfishing Adventures

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Spearfishing in Indonesia is incredible!  The reason for that are the massive amounts of water movement and nutrients in this vast confluence of the Indian and Pacific Ocean systems.  The location knowledge and expert planning that have gone into our trips make them very unique.  We love catching fish as much as our guests, and therefore, offer them all our secret spots, knowledge, and try our best to ensure they catch what they came for.

Price in Indonesian Rupiah: 

  • 1 person: IDR 850,000 per day
  • Up to 5 max: IDR 150,000 per day, each additional person

Guiding Prices Include:

  • Land transportation

(SUV Style ISUZU Panther 2 back seats for a total of 5 passenger and the guide as driver)

  • Fuel for the vehicle
  • 2 x 16′ Feel Free Moken Deluxe Fishing Kayaks (by request)
  • Camping Gear in the situations that require it
  • My guided service with GPS and Fishfinder to the best spots on offer.


  • No additional cost for guide
  • Tipping is appreciated

Trips Can Include

  • Andre Speargun orders
  • Advanced accommodation bookings
  • Boat bookings as needed
  • Airline bookings
  • Additional Activity bookings
  • A final costing of your specific itinerary

Note: Beer and alcohol is not commonly sold or cold in Java so please bring your own, if you plan on having a drink.

If you want to book an Indonesian Spearfishing Adventure please contact me at cboyum@gmail.com


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