About Cyrus

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Cyrus Crews:  Head Swim Coach, Waterman, Aquatics training specialist 


  • Life time of ocean experience
  • Expert paddler
  • Certified Teacher
  • Certified Swim Coach
  • Certified First Aid and CPR
  • Ocean Lifeguard Experience

It is my passion, and experience to seek adventures to extreme fishing, spearfishing, surfing, and mountain locations around the world.  Passed down by family generations above me, I have been an avid waterman and adventure traveler enthusiast all my life.  Indonesia is where I live.  Indo provides never-ending adventures to quench my thirst to partake, and share with others the extreme and amazing fishing opportunities that exist all over this great island nation!

Indonesia was an easy choice to choose as home.  You might ask “why”.  That is simple.  My father and uncle first came to this country in the mid 60’s.  They were world surf travel pioneers at the time.  Both their lives have left major impressions on the current surf industry alive in this country.  Later in my life I returned with my father to Indonesia.  He wanted me to experience his love for surfing in this wonderful country.  He took me to the spot where my uncle and father built the first surf camp in the world.  Now it is the world-famous left hand wave of G-land, in the Banyuwangi province of east Java.

My childhood experiences in the country made it easy to make the decision to move permanently to my new home and begin a teaching and swim coaching career.  Now I am a Father, Head Swim Coach, and an experienced, spearfishing, surfing enthusiast that enjoys sharing and exploring the remote corners of the biggest archipelago in the world, Indonesia!

With Sincere Enthusiasm,




One comment on “About Cyrus

  1. Alex says:

    Awesome site. Found it through the OBN today.

    Seeing all your pictures makes me want to yak fish/spear fish in Indonesia now 🙂

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